About Us

There have been many influences that makes up who Speaking Truth To Power is. From the Black Panthers and landless movement in Brazil to Banksy and the Guerrilla Girls.  Is the range of movements, groups, and individuals that have an impact on our organization.

Speaking Truth To Power was born out of the Occupy movement, where those involved in its inception wanted in organization that was about creating alternative institutions through a democratic revolution from below.  Plus, serve the people through projects that organize those individuals that want to fight for economic, environmental, and social justice.

Our Principles
The following are the principles that we are guided by. In order to maintain the purpose of the organization.
1. Artistic Freedom
2. Autonomy and Interdependence
3. Concern for Community
4. Collective Liberation
5. Democratic Revolution From Below
6. Ecological Harmony
7. Education, Training and Information
8. Feminism
9. Future Focus
10. Grassroots Democracy
11. Liberating Oppressed Communities
12. Mutual Aid
13. People Over Profit

Our Strategy
The work we do is focused around community organizing and activism.  To address the systemic problems, we have to utilize two models that work in tandem with our guiding principles.

People’s Movement Assembly
To gather community residents and listen to their concerns, analysis the information, then make decisions for collective action and power. The assembly collectively answers: What are the problems we face? What are the solutions? And what are we going to do about it.

Story-based Strategy
The narrative of a community is powerful and places those stories at the center of change.