Points of Unity

Below is our Points of Unity, if you are looking to get involved.

We are…

  • part of a community effort to create change.

  • united by holding local elected officials, and other institutions accountable.

  • not represented by a singular political view and do not support political candidates.

Our goals are…

  • to create transformative work that builds alternative institutions.

  • to create a safe space, where everyone comes together to listen, speak and act.

  • to avoid creating a list of demands that can be pigeon-holed, manipulated or leveraged against our goals.

  • to conduct nonviolent tactics when it comes direct actions

  • To stand in opposition to any aggressive religious rhetoric, racism, sexism, homo-, trans-, xenophobia, and other related oppressive behavior towards humanity.

  • To commit to doing difficult work of activism and community organizing, plus foster leadership within our organization.

  • To fight social, economic, and environmental issues from an intersectional approach

We will succeed by…

  • having democratic control and use the consensus model for decision-making process

  • create a safe space from within that encourages mutual respect

  • To discover and dismantle the root causes of the injustices in our society and environment. While working towards systemic changes.

  • Build solidarity in-person, by showing up and building relationships. speak up when nobody else is.

You should participate because…

  • our current institutions are unresponsive when it comes to local and regional social economic, and environmental issues.

  • local media is not providing the stories that need to be heard

  • you want to expose alternative institutions that are in place and is showing success

  • our local and regional environment needs improvement