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Speaking Cost
$6,400 (this includes travel, lodging and speaking honorarium). A 30% non-refundable deposit is required.  Limited budgets can also be worked with

About AJ
For nearly two decades as an artist, activist, community organizer,political strategist, journalist, and social entrepreneur.  Has led AJ to stand in front the gates of Fort Benning in Georgia and drop a banner in the Illinois House of Representatives to organize people in Iowa to pass same-sex marriage legislation and open a cooperative business in Milwaukee.

The late 90s began his journey in rural Northwest Illinois, which was through experience.  Since then he attended workshops through organizations like Ruckus Society, IWW, Democracy for America, Wellstone Action, New Organizing Institute, Industrial Areas Foundation, and Midwest Academy.  To this day continues his education and training.

Segneri has lectured at colleges and universities in North America.  Whether it is on prison industrial complex at Rutgers University, or how the institution of education is being a commodity at Université du Québec à Montréal. His commentary been on media outlets; such as ABC, NBC, NPR, and Huffington Post.  In addition to contributing his writings on Modern Left, Independent Voter Network, and a wide variety of newspapers, plus magazines.  Segneri’s engages with the audience through storytelling and humor, while the audience participates during his presentation.



“If I may I would consider you extraordinary, dare I say, a visionary.”
Marc J. Lane, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management and Founder of Marc J. Lane Group

We all set goals and always achieved them under AJ’s guidance.”
Chris Trader, Community Organizer

I could not hold AJ in higher regard.”
William Turck, Author and Playwright

AJ is a dedicated organizer for lasting social change, grassroots democracy, and human rights.”
Tom Tresser, Founder of TIF Illumination Project and 2010 candidate for Cook County Board President

It’s my belief that with his political acumen, activism and oratory skills makes him a valuable asset.”
Charles Smith, UU Racial Justice Task Force

AJ is one of the most dedicated person whom I have ever had the pleasure to be associated with.”
Bruce Small, former Executive Director of the Illinois Association of Junior High Student Councils

You’re standing on the shoulders of giants
Donald Rasteade, Entrepreneur

the most intelligent and innovative thinker I have ever met
Tammy Nerhkorn, Journalist

Addiction/Harm Reduction
Animal Rights
Arts and Activism
Electortal Politics
Feminism and Masculinity
Food Justice
Housing Rights
Labor Rights
Living Wage
LGBTQ Rights
Prison Industrial Complex
Racial Justice
Water Conservation
Youth/Student Activism

Training Workshops Topics
Building Alternative Instituions
Conflict Resolution
Community Organizing
Event Planning
Faith-based Organizing
Public Relations